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Selah Management Services

We provide Small Business Start-up Solutions, and Short-term Housing to Traveling Professionals and Families.

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About Us

Welcome to Selah Management Services, your number one source for all things small business start-up, and upscale short-term housing accommodations. We're dedicated to providing you the best experience for small business start-up services and short-term comfortable housing with a focus on dependability, customer service, and collaboration.

We're focused to turn our passion for program and property management into a flourishing consulting and management firm. We hope you enjoy our lifestyle and business management solutions as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Bri Jones, Founder & CEO
Overlapping Triangles
Meeting you where you are, to lead you where you want to go.


Traveling by Air

(B2B & B2C)

Short-Term Housing and Comfortable Stays for

✓ Traveling Families

✓ Seasoned Executives & Young Professionals

✓ Traveling Nurses & Doctors

✓ Public and Private sector Corporate Employees

✓ Military Personnel and Their Families​​


(B2B & B2C)

Property Management Consulting Solutions

✓ Management Oversight

✓ Risk Mitigation Strategies

✓ Marketing Success Techniques

✓ Guaranteed to Increase Occupancy Rates

Business Meeting


Small Business Start-up Solutions

Assistance in Selecting the Right Business for You

✓ Register the Business in the Right Order from A-Z

✓ Establish Your Business as Verifiable and Credible

✓ Get set-up to do Business with the Government

✓ Tips on Gaining Business Credit and Grants

✓ Best Places to look for Grants

Where to find Government Solicitations

✓ How to Best Respond to Government Solicitations

✓ Understanding the Government Evaluation Process

✓ Q&A and Debrief Consultation


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